Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

All About Yarn

Your yarn color is different when I received it.

I try my best to take and tweak the colors in my photo to the most accurate color. However, there are other factors that obstructs the color accuracy due to fibre's sheen. Colors such as pastel blue, mint, turquoise are especially hard to capture.

How to wash my yarn or finished object?

We recommend washing with gentle soap or wool wash in cold water. Avoid wringing, if possible. Dry flat if you can. We use SOAKWASH to wash all our yarn and remove any excess bleeding. SOAK is a no rinse soap, very gentle and suitable for yarn-related projects. Note: Make sure you are rinsing in cold water as protein fiber activates (start absorbing colors) in warm and acidic water. Avoid washing with other clothing.

How do I make my yarn softer?

You can wash your yarn in hair conditioner. Soak in hair conditioner for 10minutes. Rinse off.

How do i wind or cake my yarn from a skein?

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How do I twist my yarn back into a skein?


How do I use soakwash on my project?


Will your yarn color bleed?

We cannot guarantee 100% no color bleed as there's no control over the soap used to wash your product (if any). if you are afraid, always wash the yarn first before you start your project. TIP: For saturated reds or blues, i will avoid knitting with light colored yarn to avoid color bleeding. And make sure you are rinsing it in cold water.

I live in an Asian household, i have no space at home to dry my item

This is not a method I recommend, but generally what we do is i hang my knitted top chest-wise over the bamboo pole and use pegs to hold it in place.

Orders related

Do you provide wholesale order?

Yes, we do! Small quantity wholesale, minimum of 4 colors and 20 skeins. Kindly message me on instagram to discuss.

Can i request for customised color / commissioned order

Yes, i am open to custom dye orders, kindly message me on instagram to discuss.

Can I cancel my order?

No, we do not allow unfulfilled orders unless error is on our part.

Can I request for a refund or an exchange?

No, we do not allow refund or exchange unless error is on our part.

Can you cake my yarn?

Yes, we do provide this service at an additional charge. Please add the service to your cart before you checkout or we will not provide caking service.

Do you ship overseas / international?

Yes we do! For international orders, we provide flat SGD22/2kg with tracking. For local orders, we go by qxpress SGD5/order We will not ship with other courier providers unless it's in very large quantities.



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