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In the midst of this COVID-19 chaos, I took the leap of faith and visited Bangkok. It is the first time in 5 years since I visited Bangkok. 5 years ago, I was not into yarn and yarn shop hopping never crossed my mind as shopping for clothes was a priority. It was not until i delved into knitting where the knit community opened my mind to a whole new world of hand dyed yarn and began my journey of searching in Japan.

Whenever I meet crocheters traveling around the region, I have heard of Big Knit Cafe in Bangkok and really wanted to visit the place.

A simple google search and Big Knit Cafe is located at Sukhumvit area. Recently, I was introduced to a lady who lived in Bangkok for a few years. She shared that in Emporium mall, also sukhumvit area, there’s a small yarn section! Imagine my excitement when I was even more longing to visit Bangkok!

There are multiple yarn stores around bangkok but I did not have time to visit them. In this post I will share with you a convenient area for you of where I visited so you can visit if you have only an afternoon to spare.

If you want to save my list, you can access the map link here

The two train station on the BTS I will be sharing:

Ekkamai BTS Station – The Loom, Gateway Ekkamai

3rd Floor, Gateway Ekamai Mall 982/22 Sukhumvit Road, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Opens: 10am – 7pm

The Loom is a weaving studio and you can get yarn specially curated from weaving in this store! It’s a heaven for weavers and you can buy looms to bring home to weave. I was especially tempted by Ashford e-spinner. But I held back!

Phrom Phong BTS Station – Hobby Club @ Emporium Shopping Mall

Hobby Club is a craft corner found in quite a few shopping malls in Bangkok.

Look for BE Trend and Fuji Restaurant in Emporium shopping mall, 3F.

Hobby Club is at a secluded corner with yarn from overseas and some clover accessories.

Phrom Phong BTS Station – The Yarn Story @ Emporium Shopping Mall

3F Emporium Shopping Mall, Craft Creator near roller dome Opens: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 6pm

Image taken from The Yarn Story facebook

Another yarn and weaving store in Emporium mall itself – The Yarn Story ! I have not been to this outlet, hence no photos from me. But they are located also on 3F, near roller dome.

Phrom Phong BTS Station – BIGKNIT CAFE @ RQMall, Sukhumvit 49

1st floor RQMALL Sukhumvit 49, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Opens: 9am – 9pm

If you are done with Hobby Club at Emporium, you can take a tuk tuk or grab over to bigknit cafe nearby,

Once you walked into the cafe, it’s like your biggest wildest dream!! You wish you have a floor to ceiling yarn wall in a greenhouse setup somewhere in the countryside. It’s a very cosy place for you to spend time to knit and sip tea. A quick note to grab food at Emporium or Emquatier mall before you come over – i wouldn’t recommend having food here and the mall itself is deserted.

I spend a good 30 minutes at this place, looking at the array of yarn and finally settling for the small section of thai yarn around the store.

They carry thai silk – Silk Petals ( nearest to the door and they are quite costly. I bought 3 colors and hoping to make something!

Next nearest to the yarn wall is two shelves where they carry hand dyed cotton and hemp!

Hand dyed cotton chart

And a quick look at what I bought!

Overall, it’s a pleasant experience.

Bonus picture! Elvira was having a roadshow and I managed to signed up an embroidery workshop to make a yarn project bag. The teacher speaks thai with minimal english vocabulary but she’s so sweet to try her best to communicate with me. We communicated with mainly “cut, hold, 1 foot” HAHA.

You want something, you got to work for it

And it’s done!!

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