Basic Granny Square Pattern

One of the very basic granny square pattern available on the internet is this:

It may look simple, but it does wonder if you join them together; Baby blanket, a crop top, dress, cushion cover, rug…

During my basic crochet workshop held in university, I have covered this pattern and I will be providing patterns in text.

Materials used: 50g DK/Weight 3 100% Acrylic yarn (8ply yarn) 4mm Crochet Hook *You may use whichever weight of yarn as long as you follow the recommended hook on the yarn label. Check out ‘Matching yarn type with the right hook‘ if you need help with matching.

Abbreviations used (US Terms): ch – chain sl – slip stitch dc – double crochet

Things to take note: Ch3 will give you the height of a double crochet stitch.


Begin with a slip stitch on your crochet hook.

Making the foundation chain. Chain (ch) 6. Once you are done, slip stitch into the 6th chain from the hook (first chain from the initial knot).

Row 1: Ch3, 3 dc, ch3. This will give you the first quarter of the square.

Continue, *(4dc, ch3). This will give you the second quarter, which makes it half the square. Repeat the set in * two more times and you will see this:

Slip stitch to the top of the ch3 stitch and you are done with the first row! Total stitch for first row: 24 stitches.

Row2: Start with ch3. Work on 3 dc on the top of each dc stitch done during the previous round (you will have 3 stitches).

2 dc into the ch3 space done on the previous round, ch3, 2dc into ch3 space again.

*(6dc, ch3,2dc), repeat from the set in * for another 3 times.

Slip stitch into the top of the ch3 stitch and you are done with the second row! Total stitch for second row: 40 stitches.

We have covered 2 rows during our workshop, but if you wish to continue more rows, 1. add 4 dc to the corners (2dc, ch3, 2dc) 2. work on dc to the top of the previous dc stitch 3. always begin the row with ch3 to match the height of dc

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