Furls Streamline vs Handmade Wood vs Clover Amour Review

I received my hooks on Thursday and I tried on yarn for 2 days before I did a review.

I ordered their limited edition pink ivory hook as well as rosewood streamline hook.

Fyi, im a knife holder and I roll the hook between my thumb and index finger when I crochet.

Grip comfort:

Both about the same but pink ivory feels more solid, streamline is light. Streamline has a longer handle and is light. Pink Ivory is slightly shorter, but longer than clover amour. Wood is heavier.

Overall: 5/5 for streamline, 4.5/5 for handmade wood

Hooking comfort:

I prefer streamline series as it feels more smooth. We have to relearn when using furls because of the ergonomic shape and the transition from a clover hook to furl streamline is faster. However, I feel for the handmade wood series, the head of the hook tends to be caught in the yarn and I end up spending more time redoing my stitches. I’m not sure if my pink ivory is a defect as I don’t enjoy it as much as what the community raved. Also, since it is wood, it does not glide as fast as a metal hook. So my scoring does not include the speed of gliding.

Overall: 4/5 for streamline, 3/5 for handmade.

Actual color vs online color:

A bit of a debate here as each hook is carved from different wood so you will not expect to be the same. however, it is a bit disappointing when the pink ivory hook does not look pink like their website, and my rosewood is shades darker than what we see. Hopefully the wood changes color gradually.

Overall: 2/5 for streamline, 4/5 for handmade

Value for money:

I rarely used wooden hooks as I like to go fast, I thought the streamline hook glides rather smoothly for a wooden hook. Streamline cost about USD16 to USD19 but as one of the lower end wooden hook, I thought it is worth the money for the grip and total hook length. On the other hand, the pink ivory cost a whooping USD110 and I don’t feel as satisfied as my streamline hook. I’m honestly hoping that my pink ivory is slightly defective so I will have the reason to tell myself that there is a problem , hahahaha.

Overall: streamline wins!

Hand painful factor:

can’t really say since I’m relearning how to use the hook.

After 2 days, I’m mildly sad that I prefer the streamline over my pink ivory. Although the ergonomic shape of handmade hooks proves way prettier, save your money on the streamline series!

ETA: after additional 2 more days (4 days) I felt pain. I don’t know why, but the area below my thumb hurts. Maybe because I am not used to the ergonomic shape of the hook that made my palm strained. I have set aside my hooks because of that. Hopefully, one day I’ll pick up again.

Overall: Clover wins (LOL!)


Between both Furls hook, I really prefer the streamline hook and don’t mind getting the other sizes. Maybe I should buy Odyssey range to try out too (but I don’t like how it is heavy).

Lastly, a final tip from me.

If you intend to get Furls streamline hook, get the camwood for streamline to see your colored yarn better. This is because you cannot guarantee that the rosewood you get is as light as the photo. I had trouble looking for my stitches when I used a black thread. Camwood will be a better choice. Also, take good care as the neck near the head is very fragile.

Thank you for reading my personal review. Please note that this is not a sponsored post and not throwing shade on Furls. My review is for a local community where we spend our time sharing tools and yarn and one of our biggest concern was Furls Vs Clover. Please take my review with a pinch of salt. Nonetheless do try out Furls if you can as the wood is solid!

As what Singaporeans will say, the wood damn shiok ah!

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