Japan crochet hooks comparison: Clover Amour/Amure vs Clover soft touch vs Tulip Pink Etimo vs Daiso

Every crocheter will always look for the best hooks that suits their palm. There are many brands out there, but which hook is really the best?

I have the chance to purchase Clover’s Amour/Amure and Soft Touch, and Tulip’s Pink Etimo on Amazon prime in Singapore. I thought why not do a comparison since Japanese hooks are pretty popular!

In Singapore, when we want cheap, we go to Daiso. Daiso sells hooks that are good enough for your daily yarn projects. If you want a more choices, we visit Spotlight or Golden Dragon. But to what extend are the hooks really your type if you can’t try them?

For this review, I will be covering mainly six areas:

  1. Hook structure

  2. Hand comfort

  3. Grip comfort

  4. Smoothness

  5. Price

  6. Availability

Before I begin, you might ask “What’s the difference between Clover Amour and Clover Amure?”

Clover Amour is sold by Clover USA, while Clover Amure is sold by Clover Japan. The only difference between both sets, is the color representing the sizes (e.g Clover USA purple hooks is 4.0mm while Amure is blue for 4.0mm). Another noticeable difference will be the number of hooks in a set. Clover Amour has 10, while Clover Amure is sold in 8. Price differs largely different where Clover Amour is more affordable. But the best thing, both sets are MADE IN JAPAN!

*Note: Clover Amour will be used throughout the comparison. They are the same as Clover Amure.

Hook Structure

Amour and Tulip have equal shaft length, however Soft Touch has a shorter shaft length.

Hand and grip comfort

Tulip has a bigger thumb pad followed by Clover amour. Soft Touch thumbpad is flat with a smaller rubber grip. Daiso’s hook is pretty much similar to clover amour except it’s less rubbery, more plastic-y.

I prefer tulip and amour’s grip over the other 2 as they both have longer hand shaft and the rubber is comfortable to hold. Soft Touch is too flat for my liking and it’s better for pencil holder. Daiso is hard plastic.


Clover and Tulip hooks glide smoothly because of how the Japanese companies coat their aluminum. It’s so slick and it helps you go fast! Sadly, daiso’s hook requires a bit more conditioning before you can start gliding fast.


If we were to compare pricing (based on AMAZON as of 7 February 2018):


  1. Clover amour set- sgd55

  2. Tulip Pink Etimo candy set – $85.20

  3. Clover soft touch – sgd49.20


Singapore: With Prime Now Singapore mobile app, buying crochet hooks have been so much easier as compared to before. Not sponsored by the company, Clover and Etimo is priced much cheaper to retail stores. Daiso hooks on the other hand are only found in Daiso (duh! But for our foreign friends, Daiso is a $2 shop where you can find almost ANYTHING at a cheap price.)

Assuming you can’t find it on Prime Now because it is sold out during the recent sale, you can find Clover and Etimo at Golden Dragon @ Chinatown, Elsie’s departmental store @ Ang Mo Kio. Retail shops tend to be pricier so be prepared to pay more.

What about singles? You can find a range of single clover amour/soft touch crochet hooks at Golden Dragon. Etimo you will have to get it from Amazon.

Do note that Daiso hooks is loosely sold, does not come in sets!

Outside of Singapore: Clover and Etimo are easily available on Amazon. Check with your local yarn stores, i’m sure if they have Japanese yarn, they will have Japanese hooks.

Let me know what you prefer!

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