November is the beginning of our wintery weather for many parts of the world. Meanwhile on sunny Singapore, it begins to pour.

On days where I felt like travelling out of here to somewhere cold and far, I dream of Japan – a land I long to go. Then came a good news where I’ll be travelling to Tokyo this December. On my itinerary, I will be visiting Mount Fuji. Having low tolerance towards the wintery cold, I decided to pick up my needles to make myself a thick warm scarf to keep myself warm. However, my only worry was it being too heavy.

I set out to spotlight and got myself 2 skeins of Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick & Quick Stripes in Moonlight and Hudson Bay.

Naturally, the next step will be to look for patterns on Ravelry. An issue I faced with this yarn, I cannot find a suitable pattern to bring out the best of the yarn. Moonlight and Hudson Bay are beautifully striped yarn that knits up well on its own and it is a challenge trying to look for a suitable design. I decided to pick up my needles and freestyle-d.

The outcome of this design brought out the simplicity in the stripes yet, hides its subtle textured appearance among the stripes. I thought it was the best for beginners.

Have a go and let me know how you feel!

Disclaimer: As this is a simple scarf with basic stitches, there might be similar patterns out there. Kindly note that I have never seen those (I couldn’t find) and have no intention to plagiarised any knitted work. If my piece irks you, kindly let me know.

Another Woolly Scarf

Level of difficulty: Beginner/Easy Craft: Knitting Techniques needed: Knit and Purl

Materials Needed:

2 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn / 195meters Super bulky yarn (5-6wpi) 10mm knitting needle (either straight or circular) Darning needle Scissors (to cut) Stitch marker (if you want to stop your work)

Tension: 4″x4″ – 10 stitches across, 11 rows (tension is not important in this pattern) Final length: 15CM X 220cm

Notes: – Pattern will require even stitch + 1 extra stitch = total must be odd stitches. – Scarf will curl as you knit. – 1 skein can make a cowl. – 1st stitch is always a slip stitch knit wise. – Every row is 17 stitches.

Sizes: Kids/Teen – 15 stitches Teen/Female – 17 stitches throughout Male – 19 or 21 (depending on how chunky)

Terminology: Sl st – slip stitch, RS – right side, WS – wrong side

Scarf Pattern:

Cast On 17 stitches.

Row 1: Knit across. Total 17 stitches.

For beginners: This is not my video. How to do a knit and purl on the same row, refer to this video:

Row 22 – Row 28: Starting on WS (even row), Repeat row 21. Total of 4 bumps on each side. Ending with WS on every even row. Row 29 – desired length: Repeat row 2 to row 28. Stop at Row 20 (stocking stitch) when you have reached your desired length. My scarf have 9 sets of stocking stitch, 8 sets of seed stitch.

Ready to Cast Off? You will end off at stocking stitch (Row 20). Knit 2* rows. Cast Off. (* Depending on the ridges seen on the RS where you started initially. If you have 2 bumps, knit 2 rows. If you have one bump, knit 1 row. Ultimately, we are trying to match the beginning).

Blocking: You may choose to do wet blocking or steam blocking.

I steam blocked my scarf. Set your iron to wool setting and maximum steam. Gently place and iron down the sides of the scarf. DO NOT PRESS.

What to do with the remaining ball: I have about 10 % yarn left and if you want, you can add frills to the end.

HOW IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN WORN (with one wrap):

If you think it’s too long, you can double wrap:

For men, you can up the number of casting on stitches to 19 or 21:

Lastly, if you could, do hashtag your scarf with: #anotherwoollyscarf #thesinglishknitter

#knitting #wool #bulky #Knittingpattern #wintercollection

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