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Last week I decided I needed to get out of my comfy zone to look for people who does crochet and knitting in Singapore. I’ve been thinking awhile now, how to reach these people, and I managed to meet One Maker Group and one of them introduced me to Mona and team. I reached out to their facebook and discovered this amazing and upcoming project for Singapore River Festival. A total of 9 trees will be yarnbombed with all our squares in 3 main colors. Yippee!!

The first meetup for this event was held last week and I had event in school so I gave it a miss. But today I made the effort to look for the group.

Before I opened the door. I was nervous as hell… but then… friendly people welcome me and seriously, it felt like HOME!


Mona greeted me warmly and introduced the other participants involved in this event. I was told to pick the yarn to work on my pieces. Any pattern i want as long as it was 12 inch by 12 inch and in its own shade. I decided with red and tadah! My square below:

I have this huge love for red yarn and particularly bobble stitch. I started out with double crochets and I thought why not add some bobbles since this yarnbombing will allow public to feel the yarn.

I will leave this pattern here for anyone who wishes to do a 12 inch by 12 inch granny (?) bobble square.

Pattern for square above

Materials used: 100% acrylic 4 seasons marvel 8ply 4mm hook 3 different colored yarn

** note: this pattern may not give the same tension as yours

Start with 40 chains.

Row 1: With color A, chain 3, double crochet into the chains (total 39 double crochet, 1 ch3). Row 2 -3: repeat row1.

Row4 – 6: With Color B, single crochet into stitches. Row 7: single crochet ino 4-6 stitches, *dc5tog, ch1, sc another 4-5 stitches. Repeat * until you reach the end of the row. Row8-9: ch1, sc into stitches

Row10 – 12: With Color C, single crochet into stitches. Row 13: single crochet ino 4-6 stitches, *dc5tog, ch1, sc another 4-5 stitches. Repeat * until you reach the end of the row. Row14-15: ch1, sc into stitches

Row 16-33: With Color A , repeat Row 4 – 9.

Row 34 to 39: With Color C, repeat row 10 – 15

Row 40 – 45: With Color B, repeat row 4 – 9

Row 46 – 48: With Color A, repeat  Row 1- 3.

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