Caking Service

Caking Service

Caking Service!

If you have no umbrella swift and winder, we could cake your yarn!


What is caking service?

The yarn sold on KAIJUU Fibers are in hank. You will need an umbrella swift to open up your yarn and a winder (or you can wind into a ball) to transform yarn in hank to a cake for easy knitting or crochet.


Price list:

1 to 3 skeins -- $ 2 per cake 

4 to 8 skeins -- $ 8 flat

9 or more skeins -- $10 flat.


Remember to add this service into your order!

  • How to add to cart?

    Follow the instructions below to add this service to cart:


    1. Select the option to determine the number of skeins

    2. For '1 to 3 skeins' , please select the qty so that it hits the right price. E.g  3 skeins is $6.

    3. if your range falls in '4 to 8 skeins' or '9 or more skeins', you do not have to add the quantity.

    4. include additional information if you want to cake specific colors or actual total number of skeins.


  • Wholesale orders

    Wholesale orders are not eligible for caking service!

Caking Service

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